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Question asked by darg on Dec 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2017 by BruceRobertson

Hello guys! I wish to everyone a happy new year.

I am new to FM. I'm trying to create a Diary. I have the following tables:

Diary --< StudyLog >-- StudyPart >-- StudyContent

In my diary Layout, I have a portal. Through this portal I want to:

  • Create new records to StudyLog, StudyPart, StudyContent
  • IF there are existing records to StudyPart or StudyContent I want to keep those the same!

Example: I create Day: "1/1/17". Through the Day's portal, I create

StudyLog: "Log #: 1, Time: 9:00, Duration: 1hr"

StudyPart: "StudyPart: Chapter 1, Chapter Title: Coulomb's Law"

StudyContent: "Title: Quantum Physics, Author: ..., Type: Book"

In the same Day, through the portal I want to create:

New StudyLog

Same StudyPart

Same StudyContent

When I write the StudyPart and it exists, I want it to auto complete. Same for the StudyContent.


I tried to make it as simple and compact as possible. If you need pictures or anything else, please tell me. I would appreciate it if anyone could help.

Thank you so much!

Again, happy new year!