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Question asked by rkutcher on Dec 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2017 by siplus

I have two scripts that send emails.  Both perform a find of records then go to Preview mode, go to last record, Get Page Number, set a "Page Count" field to the Get Page Count result.  The found records are displayed 2 to a page.  One of the scripts counts the pages properly and one appears to count the number of records rather than the number of pages.

I have attached both scripts.  The one titled VSL PDF works properly the one called PeriodicPDF counts the records rather than the pages.


Both found sets are appended to $path files.  The VSL PDF and PeriodicPDF are slightly different.  Periodic has a sub summary part and the VSL PDF does not.


Can anyone see any reason why one script works properly and one doesn't?


Happy New Year.