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A brief rundown of Pro, Server, Go...I have questions. NOOB.

Question asked by dallaskruse on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2016 by philmodjunk

I'm a complete NOOB.


Forgive my ignorance.


I'm still in Trial mode.



I was looking for a good database management system for my band. One that I could build custom and keep track of who's booked, where, how much they're getting paid, etc etc. And I also have another person in another city entering the data. We both manage the very active band.


My question ... I understand that building the app to manage the database would be somewhat simple. Well, maybe not "simple" ... but it wouldn't be crazy.


But as I'm reading more about FMP, I'm learning that I'd need Servers and hosting and much more than simply just buying the app and running it from my computer.


I'm not 100% sure how this all works.


It would basically be 2 people, MAYBE a 3rd in the future, entering in data from 2 different locations (2 different cities).


If I create the program that will keep all my info/database ... how would I make that accessible to my partner who also enters in data?


Does it run from a  web browser?


Will she need a copy of FileMaker installed on her computer?


What about entering in info via iPad/iPhone?


Can I just host the FMP on my Web Site Server I'm hosting my website on?


I see many different Filemaker versions (Go, Server, Cloud, etc). Do I have to get all of these?


If anyone could help a complete moron understand what it would take to get this up and running, it would be greatly appreciated.