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Modifie line item on claims

Question asked by MAKALENG on Jan 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by MAKALENG

I am creating invoice solution with invoice table,line item table and modifier table, on modifier table there are 50 or so items that modify the portal line on line item table


Line item number (from product table)

Code                   :0001

code description :consultation

Amount.               :500


line item 2 (from product modify table)

code              : 4000

code description : consultation on infant

Amount : product::amount * 1.5 (i.e add 50% of consultation fee)


I do have all calculations on modify table like code 40001

description : consultation on weekends

Amount : product::amount*1.2 (e.i add 20 % of consultation fee)


How do I add this calculation fields in to my table! Currently the field is code ( with different code and different calculations)