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create full access accounts ... scripted ... 12 * 170 = 2040

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Jan 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by wimdecorte
  • Case: An international company. A very large solution on two servers, many integrated modules. More than 150 files.
  • Issues:
    • For now 10-12 developers are sharing one full access account. This is obviously not acceptable!

We are managing the 240+ users of the solution via the user administration we build, and we are moving them to AD over the next monto. No problem.

  • Question: We need to create, delete, change passwords in all +150 files for the 10-12 developers who should have full access. Do any of you have a good strategy for this?


We of course thought of creating them and then letting one developer go through all the files and change the 12 developers to full access. 12 x 170 = 2040. And then repeating when a new developer is appointed. We will at least be able to change password and delete the accounts by the account script step ... it is the creation which is the issue ... I am afraid of starting the new year by asking one of our developers to click and change 2040 times from one privilege set to full access.


What did I miss here. I am sure that some of you know better than me.


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