FileMaker Pro and Go data sharing/viewing even when the host Mac is off

Discussion created by toshi_takayanagi on Jan 2, 2017
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I am a beginner of FileMaker; I just converted the database from Bento to FileMaker by getting help from this community ( and started using it.


What I would like to do is share the database between the FileMaker Pro 15 on my MacBook Pro and FileMaker Go on my iPhone. Searching internet, I found that I can do so by having my FileMaker Pro 15 on my MacBook host the database and letting FileMaker Go access it. I am successful in doing so. However, the problem of this method is the MacBook has to be always on to host the database, otherwise the database does not show up in the FileMaker Go on my phone. I do not want to keep turning on my MacBook for this purpose which I keep at my home.


What I would like to do is:

  • I would like to view the database in FileMaker Go on my iPhone even when my MacBook is off (or it is not accessible).
  • It would be great if I can edit the data and somehow re-sync it with the original FileMaker Pro database on my MacBook when I come back to home and turn on my MacBook. But this is great to have but this is not must to have.
  • I just need to do myself. I am not sharing the database with any other people.
  • In Bento, I could do it by doing WiFi sync which is Bento's build-in function.


Is the a way to do this in FileMaker?


I am also wondering whether FileMaker Pro and Go can co-use the data file (*.fmp12) by placing it on the Dropbox or iCloud drive. I am not sure if FileMaker Go can access the data file on those remote disk, and even if it can, I am not sure if this method works well.


Thank you very much in advance.