Drop Down Menu Issues

Discussion created by canoevalley on Jan 2, 2017
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Now this is quite odd.


I have 10 stores and each store sells something a little different. I set up a value list "101, 102, 103 etc. and hooked it up to a drop down menu. The drop down menu has a script trigger attached "OnObjectModify" which fires a script which performs other scripts that finds items for each store.


The user simply clicks on the drop down menu, navigates to the store number 101 and the trigger sees store 101, the find request script fires and the user is presented with all products that are available for store 101.


The issue is, after the user choses the store number, the script is triggered and the correct products are displayed for store 101, but right after the script does it's thing, the drop down menu switches to a different store number (store 106) for example. The find request is correct and store 101 items are displayed. (please see my script trigger attached).


What I was expecting to happen is if the user choses a store number, the drop down menu should stay at the store the user choose, not randomly bounce around. The information is correct but this quirk could confuse the user.


Thanks for any insight. Also, please let me know if you need to see more images of how the scrips are set up,.


Thank you.