Attach a Word Document to Filemaker without using drag and drop

Discussion created by thehalpeen on Jan 3, 2017
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I use a program called 'Act'. It’s a contact management program. However, I’m trying to move everything to Filemaker, because I use it in several other areas.


If I want to ‘write a letter’ with Act, I select a contact – then I select ‘write letter’ from a menu. This opens up a ‘word processing’ document, and inserts the name and address. When I have finished the letter, I can email it, print, or save as a pdf.


At that stage I am asked if I would like record this in a history file and if I would like to add an attachment to the Act File - see belowact screenshot.JPG


The end result is I have a portal that shows all the letters/correspondence for that contact and I can click on the attachment in the portal to open the word document.


Is it possible to do this in Filemaker – to open a ‘word processor’ or a blank ‘Word’ document and then link it to the relevant contact without having to drag and drop it into a container field?