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      I created a FMP Db on my iMac that starts by asking the user for a login and password.


      When I emailed the file to my iPad and try to launch it the Db does not open


      Instead if I press the file icon a black button with "login" appears.


      Next a dialog entitled "Opening File" appear and asks for Account Name and Password.


      The login and password I use to open the file on my iMac does NOT complete the file opening.


      I receive a message that says...


           The given account name and password cannot be used to access this file.


      If I bypass the script that asks for the login and password the file opens as expected


      Any idea what am I doing wrong?


      Thanking you in advance.

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          Account name me password are settings that should not be scripted. So exactly what do you mean when you say that you "bypass the script"?

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            Which FM Version ?


            see TSGal's suggestion here:




            now called  "fmreauthenticate"




            > When I emailed the file to my iPad and try to launch it the Db does not open

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              Did you create a new privilege set? If you did you need fmapp to be selected in this set for FileMaker GO to work with the file. 

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                I'm using FMP 15 Advanced on an iMac and FMGo 15 on an iPad.


                To bypass the login I just changed the script trigger to a different script.

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                  To repeat. You shouldn't be using a script at all for account and password login.


                  Manage Security and File Options should be used to control access to your file. A script should be limited to making sure that each user gets the correct layout and records for what you want them to see when they first open your solution.


                  Scripting the log in process is usually unecessary and can open security loopholes that can allow unauthorized access to your file.

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                    philmodjunk is right it might be workaround but it a seriously dangerous one from a security point of view.


                    If you have the correct privilege set on the user or ll make sure you have enabled the script you want to use to run with all privileges. It could be your script that is failing has elements that are outside the privilege set so will stay the script.

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                      The login and password fields are simply a User Name and Password which I've hard coded into the app to keep someone out in the event I lost my iPad. A check for valid inputs by the user is the script I bypassed over. Still asking the initial question as to why the app won't launch.



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                        Need to see the script that you are bypassing. Have you checked it for FMGO compatibility?

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                          What versions of FMP, and of Go, are you using? I agree that seeing the script would be helpful.

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                            Did you check the setting for the user in the privilege set that you have automated . Does it permit FMAPP?

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                              I don't think there is any Security issue here. I'm just a hobbyist.


                              The layout requests 2 inputs. The script which I bypass checks what the user entered against 2 values which are hard coded in the script itself.


                              I called the inputs Login and Password but I could have asked for the user's first and last name and those values checked in the script for "John" and "Doe" respectively.


                              Are Login and Password reserved words which have some special meaning or use which I am unaware of?



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                                It may not be a security issue, but you are doing it the hard way as you are recreating from scratch something that is a built in feature of the software. When you used the terms "log in" and "password", I (and would assume others) thought that you were using FileMaker's built in security features.


                                Since this is not the case, we need to see the actual script.


                                To show us your script:

                                You can upload a screenshot of the script, or copy and paste the text after printing the script to a PDF, or if you have FIleMaker Advanced, you can generate a database design report and copy/paste a script from there.

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                                  Open File->Manage->Security.... and give the account called Admin [Full Access] a password.


                                  Close the accounts dialog ( you'll be asked to confirm the user name and password ). Now you no longer need your script. The built-in security will ask you for your user name and password when you open the file.