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    Needed: TopCallStats.log test data


      Hello, All,


      I'm working on a new feature for FMPerception to analyze the TopCallStats.log file, but I'd like to really torture test it with as much different data as I can.  For this, I need your help.


      If you have the ability (i.e. Server 15 and the appropriate permission), I need to get a TopCallStats.log file and the DDR for the associated served files.  In the interest of privacy, it is likely best if the files (or a link to the files) are emailed to me at dave@workflowdata.com.  These files will benefit greatly from being compressed.


      I'm not going to share your data with anyone.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


      Thank you very much,

      Dave Ramsey

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          ghghgh call me


          please specify if you want data collected every 1 s or ever 30 s or anything in between. Max logfile size is 100 MB, but you already know that


          I anticipate that you should be able to exclude/delete any events between t1 and t2, where t1 is 11 PM and t2 is like 2 AM, a period of time during which there are some server-side scripts kicking in, events that we probably don't care seeing in stats or studying too much.

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            I'm not particular about the data collection rate or the log file size, though bigger is better (for my purposes, not necessarily anyone else's), and a shorter sample period will likely generate a larger file faster.


            I've done too much work with clients that run three shifts to be able to blanket-ignore any particular time period... but providing that option is a very interesting idea...  ;-)

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              We can always import the logfile in filemaker, find any records we don't care about and delete them, then export to csv again and feed it to FMPerception, but it's an extra step.


              As I said, the max you can get is a 100 MB file. There's much uninteresting data in it, like filemaker 15 doing its cache compare etc.


              Of course, my DDRs for the whole system are like usual more than 1 GB...

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                Oh, come now... At this point, there is no "uninteresting" data.


                And I know all about your DDRs, sir.  But as you know, that won't slow me down.