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Error Message after Creating New Records

Question asked by LeonGatewood on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Malcolm

We are frequently getting error messages after creating new records.  Here is the message:  " "IndivID" is defined to contain unique values only.  You must enter a unique value."  It would cause us to lose all the data we had entered into the new record.


So, I deselected "unique value" for the IndivID Field and we no longer get the error message.


Instead, we occasionally get TWO records with the same IndivID number, which of course we don't want.  (We use this ID number to connect the related files.)


Can anyone tell me what is happening here, and point me toward how to fix it?  Thank you in advance for any tips.


(We are using Filemaker Server 15, with the most recent updates, on networked Macs.)