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Log Table When Entering Layout Mode

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Jan 3, 2017
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So, a fairly simple question - I'm not aware if this can be done - at least I haven't stumbled upon it yet.


In the database I am currently working in, the managing director of the company has a thing of getting involved in the development of the database, which often leaves me with a lot of cleaning up after, and me telling him the consequences of him fiddling around now and then.


The CEO tends to change the subject when confronted with the fiddling, and since its' my word against a CEO of a customer, I need some prove of the fiddling since it delays the work.

- And no, I am not able to remove his access privileges.


Say a database layout is being deleted, vanishes or I something similar.....

Is it possible to make a script which logs whenever a user enters Layout Mode to change or develop anything, so I am not stuck on it?


I thought about making a separate Log Database, which would log any event in the particular database with ScriptParameters.

- But does this cover creating a scripts, valuelists and yeah.... ANYTHING?


I just want my *** covered, just in case. I would love prove in reports and security kind of form, to confront a customer.


I find it, FileMaker has very limited possibilities of logging any user who might be fiddling with a database, compared to other programs?

Please, feel free to prove me wrong here.





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