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    Template Records


      I was wondering if it were possible to create a Template Record that could be created and which would also duplicate the data. Specifically, I use the "Projects" starting database wherein I can "add a task" etc.  That being said, each 'new project' that I create, has the same ten basic tasks that need to be accomplished, wherein all of the tasks take the same pre-specified amount of time.  Is there anyway to create a "new project" record that includes those ten tasks so I don't have to re-enter the same "tasks" every time I create such new project?

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          Yes, but I strongly recommend that you consider another change as well. Put those tasks into a related table rather than as fields in your project record. This will make for much greater flexibility both for data entry and reporting purposes.


          I created a FileMaker solution many years ago that is still in use as I type in this message that has a similar feature. It creates a new purchase order with 4 related line item records automatically added to the purchase order at the time it is created. Since those four items are needed on over 90% of the purchase orders created in this system, it saves them a lot of time to have those items (with zero quantities) automatically added.


          I used a script for this that does the following (this is not a detailed script, just a general outline):

          Create new Purchase Order Record (in your case new Project Record)

          Set a variable to the Primary key (ID field) of this new record

          Get List of Products to add in related line item records

                  (This can be done by performing a find, ExecuteSQL, a Relationship ...)

          Go to a layout based on the line items records

          Loop through the list of products and create one record for each listed product. use the Variable created in Line 3 to set an _fk field to the needed value to link it to the new parent record

                     (Purchase Order in my case, Project record in yours).

          Return to original layout where a portal on your projects layout can now show each of the "default" list of tasks but where you can now add more or remove any of the default tasks as needed to complete the process of setting up your new project record.

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            Having tasks defined as records in their own table also allows te use of a flag field to mark them as belonging to a "default set", so retrieving their IDs is much easier.


            Adding another table, one could also define different default sets for different type of projects, etc.

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