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How to create new related records for all in found set

Question asked by Interrobang on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by philmodjunk

So, I've looked through the posts and found multiple questions similar to mine, but I am not FileMaker-savvy enough to tweak the instructions for my own use.



The situation:

I have two tables. "TableA" is a list of communities and "TableB" is a list of assignments for each community (created on a weekly basis), this is a one-to-many relationship.


The solution:

I would like to have a script that allows me to

1) choose the week value from a list on "TableB"

2) create a new "TableB" related record for every "TableA" record in my found set

3) have each new record in "TableB" marked with the previously chosen week value




I really do appreciate any help that you can give and will be sure to mark the question as answered (I noticed that a lot of users seem to forget).



More details (may not be needed or helpful):

• My criteria for the found set of communities is just whether they are marked "active" or not.

• The key for the one-to-many relationship is simply the community's name (basic and probably a poor choice, I know).

• The assignments are just like a to-do list to be checked off and a place to make notes about the community visit.

• I look at my "to-do list" each week by searching for records marked with the current week (not a date-based field system).

• Right now I have to go to the list view of active communities, tap my "new" button that creates a related record (which opens in the corresponding layout), the week field is auto-selected and I choose the correct value, lastly I tap the button that takes me back to my list of active communities and start over with the next record in the list.



Happy New Year!