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    Show client's name instead of company name...


      Hi all,


      i am a new FM 15 user (and will probably have many questions)


      I am using the invoice startup, i imported my client infos.


      Now i have a question.


      how can i show the client "first" and "last name' instead of the "company Name"?


      I have clients that work as freelancer and dont have a company name.


      At this moment on the different layouts it is showing : "Company name" for every client that work under their name.


      Hope my english is understandable


      Best regards,



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          Johan Hedman

          Then you need to create new fields for Last Name and First Name and separate the fields in your import. Either you import all "Names" (both company and person) to one field and then use logic to separate names for Company and Person with a script where you Loop through all imported records


          I also suggest that you read the free FileMaker Training Series

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            I suggest something along the following lines:

            1.     If they don't already exist, create these fields: firstName, lastName, companyName. These are simply text fields.

            2.     Create a calculation field called, say, clientName and use a calculation formula that selects companyName if it exists, otherwise uses first and last names, thus—

            If ( not IsEmpty ( companyName ) ; companyName ; firstName & " " & lastName )

            This calc tests to see if there is a company name; if there is, it uses it; if there is not, it uses first and last name separated by a space.

            3.     Wherever company name currently appears on your layouts, replace it with this clientName field.

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              I'd define a calculated cNameFull field since this will be needed in multiple places.


              And here is a variation on IsEmpty( ):


              GetValue ( List ( company ; cNameFull ) ; 1 )