DevCon 2017 Request for Proposals

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jan 3, 2017
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I have never presented before at DevCon, but this year I have come up with several proposals to request to speak.  I went to DevCon 2017: Request for Proposals  and download the FileMaker file that you fill out all of the proposal information.  Under the "Personal Information" section towards the bottom is the "Introduce yourself with a video".  The instructions say:


Please introduce yourself to the DevCon Committee in a video that is 2-3 minutes long.  Just point an iPhone at yourself and tell us about your speaking experience and what makes you a compelling speaker.  Then insert it into the field on the right.


Those instructions sounds simple and easy for me.  I make a couple minute long video with my iPhone and insert the video into the field.  The next instruction is for us to send the file with the proposals and video to "tech_liaison@filemaker.com".  No problem.  I send them the file and it is over 100 MB's mostly because of the video.  But I know this is not a problem for my mail server and I assumed that FileMaker would not ask for an email with video attachment if their mail server wasn't able to handle a video of 2-3 minutes shot with an iPhone. 


Apparently my assumption was wrong.  The FileMaker mail server bounced the Request for Proposal right back to me.  Oh goodness.  OK, well, I'll go back and make it a shorter video.  I got it down to 43 seconds and it was down to 57 MBs.  OK, I'll try and send it again.  Nope.  FileMaker's email server still will not take an email that big. 


Back to the drawing board.  I take the short 43 second video and use Quicktime to compress it yet again and get it down to 17MBs.  And I sent it again.  Nope, not even this will get through the FileMaker mail server.  By the way, the instructions just said I had to shoot it with an iPhone, they didn't mention that I would need to edit it and compress it, etc. 


Every time I send it, this is the bounced message:


Recipient address: tech_liaison@filemaker.com

Reason: Server rejected MAIL FROM address.

Diagnostic code: smtp;552 5.2.3 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size (30000001)

Remote system: dns;ns3.filemaker.com (TCP||50679||25) (ns3.filemaker.com ESMTP Sendmail; Tue, 3 Jan 2017 07:08:03 -0800 [PST])


I guess it wants a FileMaker file with video that is less than 3MB's?  That is not possible with a video. 


OK, the easy solution is that FileMaker would host a FileMaker Server and let us fill this out all online.  But I know from talking to them that FileMaker Inc has an incredibly hard time hosting a FileMaker file publicly due to Apple's server policies.  I get it, but I still think it is ridiculous.  So if FileMaker can't host it's own server with it's own software and FileMaker's email server won't let me send the file, how do they expect me to send a Request for Proposal?


Are other people having the same problem and if not, how are you getting around this problem?  Do we need to suggest that FileMaker staff get a Gmail account if they can't get their own email server to accept files of this size? 


Obviously I can put the file on my web server, drop box, FTP server, or even better yet...my real FileMaker server.  I could put the video on YouTube or Vimeo.  But none of those are described in the instructions.  They only talk about an iPhone video and inserting it into the Proposals file. 


FileMaker:  How do you want to get this DevCon Request for Proposal file or do you just want it without the video?