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    Password - user issue


      Is there a way to offer a "forgot password" option somehow, so if a user forgets their password, they don't need to email me to reset it for them? It's something you see on websites that is automated, rather than handled by an admin.

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          You can script it. Look at the script steps under the "Accounts" section:

          FileMaker Pro 15 Help


          However, it's dangerous to just have this as someone with a guessed username would be able to gain access.


          Therefore, I use a table-based user management system that stores a PIN number and email address, or other points of identifying information. In my password reset scripts I require these things to be authenticated before a temporary password is generated and reset on the account. Then the user is required to select a new password when logging in.


          A good place to start is Darren Burgess's Accounts Module:



          That will get you the table-based user management system setup, as well as an admin layout so you can manage users in filemaker rather than through File > Manage > Security.


          From there you're on your own for adding a password reset script, but it's not too difficult to do.

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