FileMaker Order Confirmation and Licensed User Information via Email

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jan 4, 2017

I have several of these FileMaker Order Confirmations in my email this morning having to do with license changes.  You get the email titled "FileMaker Order Confirmation".  It has a "Download Page" link that you click on and go to a web browser and it that shows most of the info such as the contract number, etc.  You arrive at an "Electronic Software Download Page" and there is a section called "Licensed User Information."  But it doesn't show the license info, only the contract number and date.  It does have a link for "Show licensee information".  So I click on it and put my email in and presto.... nothing.  It rejects my email over and over.  FINALLY, I figure out this wonderful system will not take the email of "Taylor@TaylorMadeServices.com" (which is how I normally do it), but it will take "taylor@taylormadeservices.com".  Email servers don't know or care about capitalization, but apparently FileMaker's Order Confirmation database does and I didn't remember how FileMaker had entered my email. 


A suggestion to FileMaker would be to not have their licensee email information for FileMaker Order Confirmations be case sensitive.  That can be real annoying and I had to try a number of different emails before I figured out capitalization was the issue.


Just a little suggestion to make life easier on those of us buying licenses.