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Script using if will not work.

Question asked by AitchB on Jan 4, 2017
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Good evening and a Happy New Year to you all.  This is my first post here!


I have these fields, from the same table, on my layout:

Type - Text, Pop up Menu, value list of which 1 is "Compte a Compte".

Amount - Number, entered freely.

Amount2 - Number, calculation. (Only to be used if Type is « Compte a Compte » result: Amount2 is the credit or debit of the sum in Amount. i.e. Amount x -1. if not amount 2 must be 0)


My script:

If ( Type  =  "Compte a Compte" ; Amount2 = -Amount; Amount2 = 0 )


I also tried:

If ( Type  =  "Compte a Compte" ; Amount2 = Amount* -1; Amount2 = 0 )


and it doesn’t work!


Any help would be appreciated.


Henry (Novice+)