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    Skype call history in filemaker


      Did any of you try reading Skype history into a FileMaker base for use as documentation (Mac)?

      Local history from single Mac.

      Any experience to share, advice?

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          Johan Hedman

          I did that, but many years ago now. The file that you need to find is called main.db is is located on different places depending on OS .


          From what I remember the database itself was easy to import records from.


          On Windows 7, 8:


          On Windows XP:

          C:\Documents and Settings\<WindowsUserName>\Application Data\Skype\<SkypeUserName>\main.db 

          On Mac OS:

          ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/<SkypeUserName>/main.db 

          On Linux:

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            Interesting, though I don't have the need myself. I recall a method using a connection to a local database on the Mac, just like an ODBC connection. This way, you'd be able to have a live link to the database instead of static importing.