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    Font size problems


      I have a text field called 'Item' in a Estimate Data table which I use to prepare and generate Quotes. This field is used to input data either directly or by copying and pasting from another document. It has a calculated value to make sure all text is formatted and sized the same - see below:


      font size estimate data.PNG


      My problem is that this same field that I use to prepare the Quote on the Quote Layout is also used in my layout used to print the Quote - hope that makes sense. So I've used an 'if' statement to differentiate how the fonts should look on the layouts.


      But this calculation is not working. NOTE: The 'Do not replace existing value of field (if any)' is unchecked.


      Is there away to display fonts from the same field differently in different layouts?

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          You would need an unstored calculation field for it to update with a layout change.


          But here's a simpler way:


          Set up this auto-enter calculation on this field and any other where data may be pasted into it from another source:


          TextFormatRemove ( Self )


          Clear the "do not replace existing value..." check box


          Then, on each layout, select the field while in layout mode and use either the formatting tool bar or the inspector's appearance tab to specify the desired font size and any other format options. These settints will only apply to unformatted text in the field, but are specific to the layout so you can get different formatting on different layouts.

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            Works brilliant - simple when you know how!