Validating users that don't log-in

Discussion created by thehalpeen on Jan 4, 2017
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I have created a simple clock-in, clock-out system.


The employees clobk-in and Out via an iPad and the Manager can view what is happening on her PC.


The following happens on the iPad:

  • There is a screen that displays all the employees.
  • They click on their image and it brings them to the clock-in page.
  • They click either the Clock-in or clock-out button and this creates a new record in the timesheet table for an employee.
  • There is no logging in or any verification, but I think need this to prevent ‘Buddy punching’ or fellow workers logging in on their behalf.


So as far as I am aware, my options for validating and preventing ‘Buddy Punching’ are:


  • PIN NUMBER: Give each user a unique Pin number – but this would not prevent Buddy punching.
  • PHOTO: Have then take a photo taken before/after they clock-in or clock-out – the manager could see the photo on their screen. I believe that Filemaker cannot automate the taking of the photo - you have to use the camera and then save it into a container field. The drawback here is that the manager has to randomly look at the images everyday or week – so could be time-consuming. Or is their a scanner that sans images and compares them to originals - is this too far-fetched?
  • SIGNATURE: same limitations as photo.
  • BIOMETRIC READER: I have read about Productive Computing’ s Biometric Fingerprint Reader, but this doesn’t work on an iPad. Has anybody ever used this on a PC and is if ‘yes’, is it reliable?


Does anyone know of any other way to authenticate or validate an employee in order to prevent ‘Buddy Punching’