How to determine that a user entered a layout object?

Discussion created by golife on Jan 4, 2017
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Windows 10, FileMaker 14


I have two portals on a layout and depending on which portal a user selects the value list changes. Both portals have the same relationship and point to the same underlying table. But depending on which portal the user is selecting, value lists for entry of categories change. I am using filtered value lists for data entry.

So, the question is a more general question:


On "object enter" either to the portal or the field with the Drop-down list the value list is only changing with the second click.

On "object keystroke" the same: it fires, but only with additional key strokes.



How to catch the event that the user entered a layout object (here one of the portals) and then already prepare the filtered value list? There is no way to detect that the mouse position is within the rectangle of the object? Or did I miss some event that can be used as the trigger?


Or in other words: How to fetch the information entering whatever object on the layout to do a couple of things before the user actually opens a field or pushes a button that depends on the information that a user entered the object. Intuitively the "on object entry" trigger should accomplish this. But it does not, at least not early enough.


Workaround for me:

If it can not be done dynamically based on events which allow to call a script before the user is actually calling lists or changing field values then it must be hard coded. But I would prefer a dynamic behavior as it would allow a number of additional things to do and make it much easier for many layouts with similar functionality.



(PS: When I am typing here on the community web form, the form is bouncing up and down, changing the scroll position while typing. I noticed this a number of times... It makes it very hard to type. I do not see such strange behavior in other web forms. Any other users noticed this effect?)