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    Dialog box issue


      Hi everyone,


      Here is the issue:


      I've a button  in my database that opens a folder for each respective record.

      The folders are in an external hard drive. I use the Open URL script step and everything works good.

      If the external drive is not connected to the computer, as expected, nothing happens.

      However i would like to open a warning to tell the user he should connect the respective external hard drive.

      As nothing happens, no error message appear, so i can't use if[Get (lastError)]..., how can i trigger a dialog box to open when no external HD is connected to the computer? What function can i use to track if a file path doesn't exist? There is a function Get (FilePath) but i guess it only will return the file path in text and will not check if the respective folder was opened or not?


      Any ideas? Thanks!

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          I would think that you'd get an error message when the file is not found....


          But there are plug ins you might install that let you list the contents of a folder. I suspect that you could use one of them to check for the presence of a folder on a specified drive and show an error message if it is not there to be found.

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            Hi philmodjunk,


            There´s no error message when i click in the button with the external HD disconnected. It behaves like there's no script atached to it.

            However your sentence: "I would think that you'd get an error message when the file is not found....",

            make me think there could be some kind of bug in my filemaker installation, that the error was there but somehow the dialog of the error doesn't pop up. So i try the Get(LastError) function and, guess what.. it WORKS!!

            Thanks again to lead me in the right path.