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Dialog box issue

Question asked by kickaha on Jan 5, 2017
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Hi everyone,


Here is the issue:


I've a button  in my database that opens a folder for each respective record.

The folders are in an external hard drive. I use the Open URL script step and everything works good.

If the external drive is not connected to the computer, as expected, nothing happens.

However i would like to open a warning to tell the user he should connect the respective external hard drive.

As nothing happens, no error message appear, so i can't use if[Get (lastError)]..., how can i trigger a dialog box to open when no external HD is connected to the computer? What function can i use to track if a file path doesn't exist? There is a function Get (FilePath) but i guess it only will return the file path in text and will not check if the respective folder was opened or not?


Any ideas? Thanks!