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Entering data from drop down menus

Question asked by hannah_carroll on Jan 5, 2017
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I'm new to FileMaker and trying to develop a database to store employee information. I have created a layout "directory" which contains fields from multiple tables. The "people" table includes a "Name" field and a "people ID" primary key. There is a "directory" entry for each name. The other tables include "time type," "title type," "appointment type," "title," and "rank." These tables all have limited values. For example, there are only two entries in "time type"- part-time or full-time. Each table is related to the people table and the people table has foreign keys for each primary key field. Question: is it OK to use text values as primary keys? i.e: if my "time type" table only has a "time type" field, can that be used as the primary key, or should I add a primary key field and use a number?


What I want to do:

I want the directory layout to contain drop down list fields for each table, so that when I create an entry for a new employee, I can select options from each table to fill out their profile. This would populate the "people" table with a full profile of the person's information. I do NOT want the user to be able to add a new value to any other table through the directory layout.


My problem:

When I select a value from a drop down list and wish to change it, the entry keeps reverting to the original value. I don't know how to allow changes to data through the drop down menus. When I select a value for multiple "directory" entries, it creates multiple entries in the specified table. For example, when I select "part-time" for 3 "directory" entries, my "time type" table suddenly has new entries. I don't want to create entries in that table, but when I unselect "allow creation of entries through this relationship," I can no longer access the values list from the drop down.


I know this post is rather wordy and possibly confusing, but if anyone has any input or possible solutions, it would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks!