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Why Can't I Create a "Dummy Record" (to be used as a "Custom Header" for Excel Report)

Question asked by sansae on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by PeterDoern

Hello all,


I hear that a simple way to create custom headers for an excel report is to create a dummy record in your layout. However, I'm having trouble creating that dummy record.


After I create the new record in my layout, I'm unable to set my fields. When I step through "Set Field [table::field; "text"]", I get a "record is missing" error even though my new record has just been created.


An interesting note is that when I skip the "New Record/Request" script step and instead step through "Set Field ...", I'm able to set every field in one of my pre-existing records.


Why can't I create a dummy record?


(As I understand it, after we create that record, we should sort the records in such a way that the dummy record is the first on the list. From there, we should uncheck the "use field names as column names in first row" (found under "save records as excel" options dialog). The idea being that the first dummy row will serve as the custom column header.)


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