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How can I total (summarize?) a field by date?

Question asked by clayhendrix on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have two tables. One contains donors and their contact information the second contains donations they have made and information related to each donation.


They are linked with a one-to-many relationship using the donor's key field in the donor table as the one end of the relationship and the donor's id foreign key as the many end of the relationship.


The individual donations appear in a portal (based on the donations table) in a layout based upon the donor table. That works well.


I would like to create another layout based upon the donor table. I would like the donations to be totaled by date and have only one line for each date for which the donors made a donation with the total amount of the donations for that date. Sometimes, donors will give multiple times at an event. For this new report, I only want a total by date.


I created a summary field that totals the amount field and when placed on the layout, it gives the total for the donor for all dates, as I expected it to. What I cannot wrap my mind around is how to have a total of the amounts donated for a date listed, so that each date upon which they made a donation is listed, but only one line, not one line for each individual donation that occurs on the same date.


I am not sure if I accomplish this using a sub-summary on a layout or a portal. I have tried both and was unsuccessful.


Thanks, in advance.