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    FM Pro Advanced Crash


      Several times I've experienced the entire program crashing and leaving in the middle of editing a script to Perform Find [Restore] script.

      Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

      How to correct it (if this is possible)?

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          You did not provide enough information.


          What version of FM Pro Advance are you using ? (13/14/15)    


          What platform are you on ?  (mac / pc)


          What operating system are you using?


          Corruption in the file can cause crashes.   Issue can occur when using certain version of FMPA with some operating system.  You have to check the tech spec to verify the version of FMPA is supported on your operating system.

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            I'm use FM Pro Advance 15


            Platform: Mac


            Operating System: MacOS Sierra 10.12.2

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              I'm using OS X 10.12.1 and FMPA 15.0v2 and not having crashing problems from the script editor.  I would start with making sure you've run the latest update to FMPA if you haven't already (v2).  Plugins can often be a culprit, especially if they are not current.  Are you using any plugins?  If so, try disabling them and then editing to see if it goes away.  If so, try upgrading the plugins or getting rid of them if you're not using them.  Is it only on this one file?  If so, it could be  corrupt file.  Maybe try recovery and then edit the recovered one to see if it still has the same problem or not. 

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                Taylor, thanks for replying.


                No, I'm not using any plugins.

                The corrupt file is a thought. I'll try recovery and see how it works.

                Thanks again!

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                  Hi Taylor,


                  I've run the recovery and the problem seems to have disappeared.


                  Performed the editing on the exact spot that seemed to trigger the crash and it is running smoothly.


                  Thanks for your help. Perfect!

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                    Posting crash reports (as files) would be good, so we can read them.