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To Lookup or Not to Lookup, that is my?

Question asked by dj1up on Jan 5, 2017
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Ok guys thank you up front for your help with this one.  So im assuming I can use a lookup cal. to find the record. 


I have two tables:

People  (1 TO ) and ShoeSize (2 TO's )

People's Fields: Pairent

SoleSIze - Number

ShoeSize's Fields: Child

SizeFrom - Number

SizeToo - Number

CollomNumber - Number

So I need to find what record the SoleSize matches up with in the Child table.  I have setup my relationship for the two tables with SoleSize connected to SizeFrom <= AND SizeToo >= .


So how can i write out my look up calc so i can find the record and then $CollomNumber so i can reference it for a script? 


Thanks again for those who can help.  =)