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    To Lookup or Not to Lookup, that is my?


      Ok guys thank you up front for your help with this one.  So im assuming I can use a lookup cal. to find the record. 


      I have two tables:

      People  (1 TO ) and ShoeSize (2 TO's )

      People's Fields: Pairent

      SoleSIze - Number

      ShoeSize's Fields: Child

      SizeFrom - Number

      SizeToo - Number

      CollomNumber - Number

      So I need to find what record the SoleSize matches up with in the Child table.  I have setup my relationship for the two tables with SoleSize connected to SizeFrom <= AND SizeToo >= .


      So how can i write out my look up calc so i can find the record and then $CollomNumber so i can reference it for a script? 


      Thanks again for those who can help.  =)

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          Looks like you have your inequality operators wrong:


          Should be:


          People::SoleSize >= ShoeSize::SizeFrom AND

          People::SoleSize <= ShoeSize::SizeTo


          At least, I would assume that SizeFrom has the minimum size and SizeTo would have the maximum size. This also assumes that these fields are of type number. The inequalities might not work if these fields are text.


          You can also get this to work with just one pair of match fields if you use a sorted relationship.


          But with the correct relationship, you can refer to data in ShoeSize simply by referencing the Tableoccurrence::FieldName such as




          Note that the same relationship can be used to either look up (copy over) data or just link to it "live" via the relationship. It depends on what you need to do with this data as to whether it is better to look up or not to look up (copy) the data from this ShoeSize table.

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            Thank you Philmodjunk!  Just had to switch my greater then or equel to around and that did the trick.  I had already made the referance to the TO in my lookup calc.  Thank you thank you.