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WebDirect URL issue with parameters

Question asked by dtcgnet on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by dtcgnet

I'm noticing some odd behavior with WebDirect URLs. I'm passing the URL to go to when a user logs out, and I'm passing a script name with a parameter.


When I create a link such as:

The parameter will not pass correctly if I paste the URL directly into a browser window. Note the inclusion of "amp;" after the ampersand.



If I remove the "amp;", which changes the above format to:

The parameter DOES pass correctly when pasted directly into a browser window.


If I create a profile for use on my iPhone, the resulting app works just fine with the "amp;" included. Also, if I pass the version which includes "amp;" from a link on a WordPress site, the URL works properly. The iOS profile I create won't even install on my iPhone without the "amp;" included.


I'm using FM15 and FMS15. I've tested both ways in Safari and Chrome, and the behavior is consistent.


Is this expected behavior?