Issues with full-size viewing PDF's in container fields

Discussion created by DavidCushworth on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by philmodjunk

Running FM15 on a MacBook Pro.


I have a table for the main data and then in a relationship I have PDF files stored in another table, which of course show on the main table.


PDF's are stored using External Secured option.


More often than not, when I load the app I am repeatedly told no appropriate Adobe Reader can be found and have to keep resetting it (I use Adobe Acrobat DC).


One of the PDF storage fields is a dynamic container for multi-page document.  I can scroll it OK and it looks impressive, but when I click on the thumbnail image to try and view the PDF in an appropriate viewer, nothing happens.


If I access the DB  on my iPhone or iPad then FM Go has this lovely ability to view the document full size, but not in FM15.


I have the same problem with PDF's that are not dynamic containers, and photo similarly stored.


So two questions.


1.  Why doesn't FM15 simply keep the information as to what my reader is.  (A side note, why can't we use the Macs Preview app?)


2.  How do I view the full-size PDF?


Thank you