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    Formatted text has extra font formatting in fm14 & fm15




      If you enter text into a field and format SOME of it (e.g.: underlined, bold, italic), FileMaker 14/15 ALSO stores the font.


      This is a change of behaviour from fm13


      Steps to reproduce


      • Create a DB in fm13 with a field "Text" and a calc Field "CSS" = GetAsCss( Text )
      • In fm14 create a record and type the following text into the text field (NOT with copy+paste!!!!):






      • Open the DB in fm14
      • Create a new record and enter identical formatted text in fm15
      • Ditto fm15
      • Compare the CSS fields


      Expected Result


      There should be NO font information in the css field (as only U/B/I formats were changed)


      …<SPAN STYLE="text-decoration:underline ;" >underline<BR></SPAN>…

      Actual Result


      There IS font information in the css field ! :-(


      …<span style="font-family: 'Arial';text-decoration:underline ;" >underline<br/></span>…




      This means that unwanted font-formatting is anchored into the text data of a field, and may not be rendered properly when output on a different layout with different formatting.