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    Total of sub summery's


      IS there a way to make a report that has the following structure.


      List of hours of a project filed in per day. But summery is as follows


      - Total of the year ( no problem)

      - total of the months (no problem)

      - total of a person in that month ( no problem)


      Grand total of the total of the persons


      So :

      2016 total 200 hours

      jan 100

      person A 50

      person B 50

      Feb 100

      person A 25

      person B 75


      Grand total person A ??

      Grand Total person B ??

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          I call the last two lines a "summary recap"


          I know of two ways to get those totals:


          A single multi-row field populated with data via ExecuteSQL or

          A portal where a relationship and/or portal filtering matches to the desired person and group of records. The portal method typically would use a data model that looks like this:


          Hours (layout report table)::anyfield X People::anyField

          People::gYear = Hours II (2nd occurrence of report table)::cYear


          gYear would be a global field set to a value such as 2016 via a script and cYEar would be a calculation field Year ( DateFIeld ) to return just the year. (You may already have such a field). Your portal would list name fields from People and either summary fields from Hours II or calculation fields from People defined as Sum ( Hours II::Hours ) to return yearly totals for each person.