Send email script changes French accent characters on way to Outlook

Discussion created by bcepiphany on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by tom2017

I am using a script in FileMaker Pro 11 to generate emails in Outlook using a template and drawing on fields from my database. Although this script was working well for a while, it recently started replacing French characters with other characters. They are swapped out as follows: é > i, è > h, à > `, ç > g, ô > gets deleted, û > {, and strangely ' > an arrow pointing both up and down).


When I look at the field in the database that contains the text of the email, the accents look just as they should, but when the merged email opens up in as a new email being composed in Outlook, the characters with accents have been replaced with the letters and characters indicated above


I have tried checking my email formatting settings, including plain text vs. rich text vs. HTML for outgoing messages, but the message is always generated as plain text. I have enabled both French and English keyboard layouts in Outlook.


I don't recall making any changes to either Outlook or FileMaker Pro software that might have caused this to suddenly start happening. A colleague of mine who also has access to the same database from a different computer is also having the same issue.


Any suggestions of what might be causing this, or how to fix it would be very much appreciated.



Thank you!