Scripts that change layout settings

Discussion created by bpconners on Jan 5, 2017
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I have created many FMP applications over the years, I would like to establish a common look and feel for them.

I can copy and paste layouts and import and export themes which does most of this, but there are a few issues.


When I create a new layout to paste a similar layout from another solution, the part sizes are the wrong size so I have to adjust them.

Is there any way to do one of the following:


(Ideal solution)

1: write a script that will set the attributes of a layout i.e.

set Header height to 90pt

set Body height to 36

set field(fieldname)width to 80pt



(workaround solution)

2:change the default size of the header body and footer on new layouts so they are ready to "accept" the paste gracefully.