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    PHP API Example Files on Community


      FileMaker PHP API Example Files


      Hope this helps people as much as it helped me. No longer included with FMS. Last update was in FMS13 so some things may have changed. Please use as a reference.

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          The FileMaker API for PHP is old and needs rebuilt.  However, it appears the writing is on the wall that FileMaker is moving towards a RESTful API connectivity instead.  In the future, don't expect a FileMaker PHP API, but you'll still be able to use PHP to make RESTful API calls to FileMaker.  It may make things better in that some of the constraints we had in the FileMaker PHP API of having to choose a layout for context and only call fields on that layout will go away.  I bet it will be a bit like making SQL calls and returning JSON for text manipulation or formatting into a web page or whatever you need.  I've heard some people thinking that FileMaker won't work with PHP anymore and that probably won't be true.  PHP will just make calls to FileMaker, just in a different way.  It'll certainly be interesting to see what FileMaker 16 brings us in 2017. 


          Thanks Tom for posting the examples.  It is good have this around to support older solutions which invariable needs done sometimes.  We still need access to good support and examples. 

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            I am looking forward to FM16 as well. It will be amazing with the promise of REST API and lots of JSON capability. Those that are working with it now in Beta are likely super happy already.


            I am sure CWP will still be useful in many cases for some time.

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              Thanks, bigtom!