Give Portals in Each Slide Same Position

Discussion created by sansae on Jan 6, 2017
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I'm attempting to mimic a sort by creating several portals, each sorted by a different field, and placing each portal in a slide. (Found this cool method of "sorting" a portal from Phil. Thanks Phil!) So far, I have 6 portals sorted and it works perfectly. However, the only way I've been able to get these portals to be in the exact same position is to manually enter the coordinates myself in the inspector. Is there any way I can, in one go, give these portals one fixed position inside each slide? I have a feeling I'll be doing this type of sort in the future, and I'd love a way to speed up the process. I currently have 22 portals (11 fields + asc/dsc options).


After I dragged each portal into a slide, I tried grouping the slide and the portals, but that didn't work. I then ungrouped it, and tried aligning the left edges and vertical centers but that didn't work either. The latter is something I've done in the past when trying to place an image neatly inside a container.


Can anyone give me any suggestions?