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From Mac and PC with update licence

Question asked by bertrand on Jan 6, 2017
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When I bought the update for FM Pro Adv 11 to 12, I install FM Pro 12 on my Mac and only to get Runtime also on a Windows 7 Dell laptop. No problem this was working correctly.


I go through 13, 14 and 15 with upgrade licences on my Mac but don't make such on the Windows 7 Dell laptop.


I change my Windows laptop last year in september for a Windows 10 Fujitsu laptop and don't install FM Pro Adv on it.


Now I need to build a runtime on the Window PC in FM Pro Adv 15.

It's not possible for me to install FM Pro Adv 15 on the Windows 10 Fujitsu laptop because I own only an upgrade licence for 14 to 15.


How must I do ? 

Find somebody to get a FM Pro Adv 12 version (because I can't find it on FileMaker website), install it on the laptop and upgrade from 12 to 15 with an upgrade licence.

Is-there an other way ?


I produce FM kiosk solution for Mac, iPad and I'll be glad to continue for Windows PC.