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    Repeating container has different padding?


      I have a repeating container on a layout, and it seems to be styling differently between the two repetitions.


      It's one layout object, set to show 2 repetitions (as opposed to two separate objects, each showing a different single repetition).  It has no padding assigned to any of the states (active, hover, focus, etc).  It has the same size border for all states.


      There are no script triggers firing, and no auto-enter calcs.  This file has Thumbnails turned OFF for Containers.


      It has no 'indents'.  Line height is one.  It's set to display images with 'Reduce image to fit'.


      I have used the same file (dragged in from the desktop) to populate both repetitions.


      Here are some screenshots.  The first is center-justified, so the gap is on both sides.  2nd image is left-justified.

      Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 14.57.38 .png

      Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 15.02.39 .png


      And here are some Inspector windows with settings:

      Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 15.33.53 .png


      So...why is the 2nd image rendered differently?  I'd like it to look the same - less confusing for the end-users.  (It's an image used in a Printed/PDF header; don't want them to think they have to resize their logo or some such.)




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          Is it repeatable?


          If you delete the contents of these two repetitions and do a new drag and drop into each from the same file, do you get the same results?

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            I swear that I had tried that, and that it was repeatable.  But I just did it again...and it's half-way fixed.  If the 2nd repetition is in focus then the additional padding appears; if it is not in focus, then there is no padding, and it does look the same as the 1st repetition.  When the 1st rep is in focus, though, there is no padding change. 

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              For the stated purpose for this container field, it is fixed. Your users shouldn't have the cursor in this field and you should block access to these fields in any case.


              But it is weird and not the results that I'd expect. If you create a brand new file and put in a brand new repeating field, set up a layout with the same theme as before and repeat these tests, do you get the same results? (Maybe file or layout is corrupted)

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                OK, so then I changed the background for the Normal and In Focus states to be white, and that got rid of the perceived padding (at least with a white background image).  But when you clicked into the 2nd field it would still shrink the image just slightly to add a border.  But the border settings for Normal and In Focus are the same.  And this shrink doesn't happen when you click into the 1st repetition.


                But that gave me the idea to separate the two repetitions - no need for them to be a single layout object.  With that done, now clicking into the object doesn't cause a shrinkage as it applies some border.


                Sometimes just talking through it gives you new ideas and solutions. 

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                  I think that we have a bug. Here's a screen shot from my own tests:


                  Either you or I should go over to Home and file an Issue Report.

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                    I tried a new file, imported the Theme, made a new field, etc.  I got the same result as my last test - there's a 1 pixel shift/padding/line added to the 2nd repetition only, when it becomes in focus.  I made a new layout in that same new file, used a standard Theme (Enlightened) and it also did the one-pixel shift/padding when clicking into the 2nd repetition.


                    I tried again starting from a new file, set the Theme to 'Minimalist' this time:  same thing - image shifts around when clicking into it in the 2nd repetition.  I removed all the Line definitions from the Normal and In Focus states, same shift-effect happens.


                    So the standard Themes appear to display a tiny part of the issue.  The original problem could easily have been a corrupted object definition or something - it did seem to correct itself eventually.  And once the object isn't in focus it does look the same as repetition 1 did, so that's 99% of the issue.  Or, splitting the layout object into two separate parts fixes the issue completely.