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    Inconsistent image scaling in repeating container fields


      Application Version: FileMaker Advanced

      Platform: Windows 7


      First discussed here: Repeating container has different padding?


      Doing a drag and drop of the same png file into two repetitions of the same repeating container field produces two images that scale to slightly different sizes.




      Note that this file started out as a "christmas card for FileMaker Geeks" that I posted here in the forum and just happens to be an available, small file that I could grab, add a container field and do a quick drag and drop test to confirm the reports in the other discussion. You can ignore the button and popover button trickery on the layout and just look at the container field. This is a container field with a transparent fill and 0 padding on all sides of the container field. Vertical orientation and a contrasting background make it easy to see the difference in image size.