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Filemaker Go auto insert into container field

Question asked by tylerbaker on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2017 by olgerdiekstra

Filemaker Go 15

Filemaker Server 15

iPad Air 2


I have created a custom camera app for iPad.  Using x-callback-url the camera app is called from Filemaker Go.  Once the photo has been captured and manipulated it saves to Photos on the iPad and the complete path and file name is passed back to Filemaker.


The plan was to use Insert File with the returned results, but it doesn't look like that step isn't supported with a specified file name.  Whenever I test it I always end up with a popup showing files on the iPad to select from.  Same with Insert Image.  Insert from Device does not allow me to specify the file to use in the script.  It only allows the user to pick.


Does anyone know a (creative) way to get a photo from iPad's Photos into a container field via a script?


If not, since this is a custom camera I can add anything to it I need.  Could someone suggest a way to get a file off the iPad to the specific container field on the server side database? i.e. Can you send a file to a specific container field of a specific record, in a specific database using webdirect all in one URL?


This is the least elegant solution I can think of, but maybe the camera app uploads the file to a web server and then use the Insert from URL script step to download the image into the container field...


Any suggestions?