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What are Best Practice for TO Relationships

Question asked by joshuaw07 on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by coherentkris

I am developing a solution that continues to grow. It is a solution for a therapeutic boarding school. Every student that is enrolled needs an electronic profile that keeps track of the data for the entire year of the child's stay at the boarding school.


I want to make sure i'm following best practices with developing TO relationships.


The trick is that every profile is divided into about 15 different sections. so when a new student is enrolled, a new profile is created. when a new profile is created every student will have a one to one relationship to categories such as:

     -Enrollment data

     -Family Profiles: which provide data on the child's family members

     -Student Profile: which provides data on the child being enrolled

     -Medical Profile: which keeps track of the medication and hospital visits

     -Education Profile: which keeps track of the students academics (grades, class behavior, etc.)


and so on and so on.


Any ideas on a best practice strategy. If i'm not careful I could set myself up for a big headache. Attached is an image of what it currently looks like.