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    Filemaker Go Offline Mode


      Hello All,


      I have been looking for a solution that allows me to do the following.


      If the iOS device loses connection to FM Server, have it keep a copy of the DB locally, and when connection is restored to FM Server, have it synchronize any changes made locally. (Essentially, it's like working in offline mode. Cached copy perhaps?)




      We have 100 devices accessing the DB on FM Server

      The devices lose internet connection/lose of cell service

      They continue updating the local DB

      Cell service/internet restored

      Changes are synced immediately to the DB on FM Server


      Is there a third party solution that does this?

      Is there a script that will allow us to do this? or script steps?


      At the moment, if FileMaker Go loses connection to the host, it will also lose access to the FM database.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Only way to do that of which I am aware is to keep the entire process "offline" until the time comes to "synch" the data back to the server. We have over 300 teachers that take attendance after meeting in the home with homeschooling families. They synch this attendance data back to our server on a regular basis, but they start by synching their iPad with the surver to have up to date student info, fill out attendance and collect signatures, and then synch the data back to the server to submit "signed" rollsheets into our system.


          They never connect to the server except for those brief "synch" sessions.


          We use gozync from SeedCode at the moment, but I've been prodding our contract developer to consider the tool by 360works that can also be used for this purpose.

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            I just actually finished downloading the GoSync sample file.

            Do you have to have a local copy of the DB on the mobile device and integrate the Sync Scripts into it?


            It makes sense to do it that way.


            How does the 360Works tool differ from the GoSync?



            GoSync seems to be the better option since our client will be able to do it on the go and on the fly as needed.


            Thanks for the reply Phil.

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              You need a local file, but it need not be an exact duplicate of the hosted file. The one used by our staff only has tables that are in common with that of the hosted files from/to which data is synched--and then only the fields that are needed for this specific task. The layouts/scripts/etc in the FMGO file are unique to what is needed for the staff to take and submitt attendance. The auditing and reporting task "stuff" that we have on the server is not to be found in their file as they have no need of it.

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                How does the 360Works tool differ from the GoSync?


                Well that's one of the things I want him to determine by checking them out. We are having some tech issues with the synch process that may or may not be due to the tool used--could be issues with the solution delivered by our contractor, but I'd like him to at least investigate them to see if they might offer a better option. (360works has a tool that can synch entire servers in different parts of the world if I understand what I saw at DEVCON last year...)

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                  So pretty much make a layout meant for the mobile app and only show the fields that will be syncing. Makes sense.


                  Thanks for the tip Phil. Appreciate it.


                  And I am on the phone with 360works to get more info on their app.

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                    It goes beyond that. You might have  a 50 field table on your server and use a 15 field table in your FM GO file to synch back to the server's table.