Watch Expressions Gone After Forced Quit

Discussion created by fmpdude on Jan 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Malcolm

Yesterday, I had opened FMP 14 and then the "Data Viewer". What happened, however, was that there was a BE CURL command that hung due to our network being down.


I waited for quite a bit, but after a couple minutes, I gave up and FORCED-QUIT FMPA 14.


After a restart, my 15 or so watch expressions were then gone. I had used these saved watch expressions often to check this or that and now have no idea how to get them back or if it's even possible.


Hopefully, in some hopefully not too far distant future version, we can export the watch expressions to a file for safe keeping and then also import them back in after a snafu like this. If that export is available now, that would be good to know about.