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Count of Days Between Two Dates, Broken Down By Month

Question asked by multisonic52 on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi there:


I'm working on a solution that tracks freelance contractors and the amount of days they work for a specific client.  We input the start and end date for each contractor with a StartDate and EndDate and then perform a simple calculation to get the number of days work.


In an effort to track the overall work loads of our individual contractors, I'm hoping to find a way to break that span of days worked into days worked each month, i.e. 3/3/16 to 3/9/16 would count March 2016 -- 7, whereas 3/15/16 to 4/6/16 would count March 2016 -- 16 and April 2016 -- 6. Is there a way that anyone can think to achieve this?


Additionally, my eventual goal is to generate a report that shows total counts of all this information for a given year, for all freelancers.  It does not matter which client they worked for, just an overall count of days worked. Any thoughts on how to begin to approach this?


Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide!