Hide Button When On Slide/Portal

Discussion created by sansae on Jan 6, 2017
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I have two buttons: btn1 and btn2

I have two slides: slide1 and slide2 (these are actually portals inside a slide object)


I want to:

click on btn1 and show slide1 and hide btn1

click on btn2 and show slide2 and hide btn2


What's working:

the slides will show as expected, but the buttons do not hide.


I am using "Hide Object When" to do this.

My calculation for btn1 is:

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "slide1" ; "isFrontPanel" ) = 1


For btn1, it's:

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "slide2" ; "isFrontPanel" ) = 1


I came across this post: Hide button bar segment

and one user suggested refreshing each object, which in my case is probably:

Refresh Object [Object Name: "btn1"]

Refresh Object [Object Name: "btn2"]

I attached this script to both objects and set a trigger to each with "OnObjectEnter"


My btns still are not hiding.


Can anyone please help? I don't know what's going on.