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    Import SSL Certificate from Comodo to Windows 2012 Fails


      Wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction.


      My setup:

      FM 15 Server

      Windows 2012 R2


      I went through the process of 'Create Request..." to get an SSL Cert issued.


      The Cert came back, so I went to install it:

      Import Certificate

      Signed Certificate File: The Cert they sent me back (.cer file)

      Private Key File: serverKey.pem file from the CStore folder in the FileMaker Program directroy

      Click "Import".

      The error I get is:

      "Certificate could not be installed: The Certificate File is not valid"


      I also tried to do this via command line, and I see a little more info:

      "<Path to cert>.cer is not valid. <29>

      Error: 20408 (File Read Error).


      I checked the permissions for the file, and everything has full control access to the certificate file. I also have all anti-virus software disabled. No idea what I'm doing wrong. Anyone have any ideas?