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    Filemaker pro and hl7


      Anyone know how to get filemaker to read a HL7 feed

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          Johan Hedman

          What kind of API do you have to work against?

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            You need to expand on your question.


            Is the problem in communicating with a HealthCare system or loading data from the web?


            Or is it problem into parsing the feed? Do mention what feed you are reading - ADT, ORU, ORM.


            I am looking at sample feeds and I think you have to break the into lines and use string functions. There should be ways to transfer the data into XML, JSON


            The shorter answer, it is possible, but I don't think it is a quick job. You can try to get in touch with FileMaker Developers in your country who specialise on HealthCare.

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              Hi Alan,


              We built a VB app to capture a TCP/IP stream sending data in HL7 format. Is that what you mean or are you receiving files?


              Either way, HL7 is a fixed length format. The data has to be loaded into a temp table and parsed from there.



              Pueblo Systems, Inc.

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