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Best performance for ExecuteSQL 'SELECT COUNT()...'?

Question asked by skywillmott on Jan 8, 2017
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So I am putting together a complex 'dashboard' feature which requires many ExecuteSQL 'SELECT COUNT()...' script steps.


For best performance, I think I am right in using 'Perform Script on Server' so that all the ExecuteSQL calculations are done there, rather than the FileMaker Pro client. However, I'm curious to know if using for example 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tableName WHERE fieldName1=? AND fieldName2=?' is faster or slower than 'SELECT COUNT("PrimaryID") FROM tableName WHERE fieldName1=? AND fieldName2=?'... That is, does using '*' or specifying the primary ID field name in the COUNT part make much difference in performance?


The dashboard screen has a ridiculous number of fields to display - something like 300 numeric 'COUNTS', so performance is definitely an issue... At the moment, it actually only takes a few seconds to do, but would be great to get it working as fast as possible.


Any ideas gratefully received :-)