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    Field colouring


      I am trying to make a field turn "red" all the time another field (date) is empty and turning "green" when the date field has a date in it.

      I believe this to be done with Format> Conditional and using a script BUT I cant find a script where I can tell the field to be filled with a colour!!

      Any advise greatfuly received, thanks

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          it's not a script.


          in layout mode, select & make the field FILL as red (default because the date is empty) in the Inspector

          then while the field is still selected, choose the conditional formatting with formula

          NOT IsEmpty ( dateField )

          and set to green fill


          now the field will always be red background, but change to green once there is a date in that field.


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            Thanks very much beverly,I was sort of on the right tracks but not thinking far enough outside the box!!

            Prettty obvious when you see it as you have explained.


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              no worries! Sometimes I have to think backwards when dealing with Conditional Formatting and Hide object when formulas. lots of "NOT" in those formulas.